Medical Insurance and Claims Processing

Midwest Medical Billing Service provides comprehensive outsourced insurance billing for a variety of medical practices. Our clients include doctors, mental health therapists, hearing specialists, optometry/ophthalmology, occupational therapists, speech therapists, acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, hormone replacement (testosterone/low-t) therapy, and several other specialties.

When you partner with us to handle your insurance claims processing, you have peace of mind that your dedicated account representative and our knowledgeable team will work tirelessly to ensure you are using the correct codes, adhering to your state’s particular insurance carriers, Medicare and Medicaid requirements, charging optimal amounts and that you have a healthy diversity of payer clients.

Midwest Medical Billing Service stays current on insurance carrier updates and changes that occur throughout the year.

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Transparent Pricing for Medical Billing Services

All of our services are delivered for one reasonable, monthly fee based on the income generated per practice. Unlike other outsourced medical billing companies, Midwest Medical Billing Service won’t surprise you with additional, unexpected costs and fees.

Your one monthly charge is all you pay for complete insurance billing services.

Additional Services We Provide to Medical Practices


We ensure you are properly credentialed with the primary payers in your state. With this knowledge, you can have peace of mind knowing that benefits given and claims will process according to your credentialing contracts.


We can work with your office staff to educate them on the requirements for new and existing patients. This will facilitate clean claims and a constant cash flow.

Additional Benefits

Whether you want to run billing reports, schedule appointments, or examine patient insurance eligibility, Midwest Medical Billing Service helps you do so easily and without additional fees through access to a web-based, comprehensive medical billing software.

Aging Accounts

Want to know the status of past due accounts? Midwest Medical Billing Service makes it easy to quickly access and see the status of patient accounts.

Monthly Accounts Receivable

Knowing how much money you have coming in on a monthly basis is critical to understanding the financial growth of your medical practice.


Midwest Medical Billing Service helps you run an orderly office with a free scheduler that includes customizable time slots, color-coding, appointment reminders, and more.

Our software system allows you the flexibility to integrate or upload medical records and dictation notes directly into patient accounts so that all the medical and financial / billing information is conveniently stored and constantly connected to each patient your practice serves.

Verifying Eligibility and Benefits

Verifying patient eligibility is not only important but necessary to complete before each visit.

We help you verify patient eligibility upfront quickly and conveniently so that they and you have confidence in what the insurance payer involved will pay for a procedure or service before you perform it, however, per insurance carriers benefits are not guaranteed until claim completion.

Charges, Electronic Claims Submission and ERA / EFT

When charges are entered into your system daily, consistent cash flow becomes obtainable for your practice. Midwest Medical Billing Service submits claims electronically, on a daily basis, to ensure efficient and timely delivery to insurance payers.

Electronic remittances are downloaded and stored so that they can be easily accessed and retrieved at any time. Electronic funds are automatically deposited into your account on a regular and expected basis, ensuring constant cash flow and peace of mind for your practice.

Managing Denials and Appeals

Proper management of denials and appeals is a critical component commonly missing from medical practices’ billing operations. Midwest Medical Billing Service works aggressively to handle denials quickly, contacting the payer and submitting appeals if necessary without delay so that accounts don’t languish in unpaid status.

Financial Reports and Analysis

We take the stress and confusion out of managing the financial side of your medical practice by giving you immediate and total access to robust reporting software that makes it easy to quickly run a variety of reports, including the following:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Insurance and patient aging
  • Quarterly / year-end income
  • Daily charges
  • Daily payments

Whether we run the report for you, or you do so yourself, you’ll always know exactly where your practice stands financially.

Patient Statements

Midwest Medical Billing Service mails outpatient statements for your practice on a monthly basis, notifying your patients of any outstanding balance not collected at the time of service.

Payment Collection

There are times when patient accounts unfortunately fall into collection status. While this is not desirable, Midwest Medical Billing Service will advise the provider of the status of the account and the next steps to take.

Midwest Medical Billing Service partners with a professional collection agency should this step need to be taken.

Don’t see your service listed? Just Ask!

If there is something your medical practice needs and you don’t see it listed here, contact us today. Chances are excellent that we can meet your medical billing needs.

The entire team of knowledgeable account representatives at Midwest Medical Billing Service works hard to make sure all of your needs are met as conveniently as possible.

 We are experts in medical billing and insurance payment processing. Our transparent reporting process keeps you in the loop from beginning to end!


We are the experts in medical billing and offer a completely transparent process that keeps you in the loop from beginning to end.